Quality, Security, Environment

Our businesses’ commitment is part of a constant desire to maintain high levels of quality, safety and environmental protection by taking into account:

  • The structure of our businesses as well as the involvement of our staff at all levels, training, awareness-raising, special authorisations for assigned work;
  • Customer focus, current or future needs by taking on new directions and/or recommendations by incorporating the requirements set by our customers and taking into account levels of satisfaction and feedback;
  • Compliance by our staff, contractors and temporary staff with safety instructions, working procedures as well as the regulations in place;
  • Continuous improvement of our quality and safety systems;
  • Environmental protection by managing our industrial waste and complying instructions at customer sites, preventing all forms of risks which are likely to harm health, jeopardise safety and which have an impact on the environment;
  • The escalation of any problems, malfunctions, hazardous situations for recording, tracking and measures to implement to ensure compliance and/or to eliminate the risk;
  • Safety measures such as safety talks, observation of work situations, prevention, the integrity of staff in their respective positions to achieve a zero-accident rate, which remains our top priority;
  • Partnership with our suppliers to create added value and involve them in our quality-related, safety and environmental procedures.

Our values

There can be no technical, commercial or financial reasons which prevail over health, safety, security or the environment.