Business lines

Our technical skills allow us to offer our services in the following industries:

  • Interior laminated rubber lining and brickwork
  • The chemical industry
  • Petrochemicals
  • Metallurgy
  • The steel industry
  • The energy sector (nuclear, thermal and ERDF distribution)
  •  Water treatment (desalination, demineralization)
  •  The maritime sector: ETF pipelines, cooling machines, seawater suction, bulkhead passes
  •  The transportation of chemical products: containers, road tanks
  •  The rail industry
  •  Fertilisers and phosphates
  •  Incineration/smoke treatment
  •  The agri-food sector
  • Offshore wind turbine

Fields of activity

  • Process equipment: reactors, digester tanks, quench, scrubbers, sulphur furnaces, catalysis containers, absorption columns, drying, pickling lines and degreasing,
  • Storage capacities, phosphoric and sulphuric acid,
  • Retention, ditches, gutters and decanting stations.

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