Sociétés du groupe Beugin GarayFounded in 1923, BEUGIN benefits from long-standing, internationally recognised experience in industrial corrosion protection and exports its products.

Its subsidiary ICP (Industrial Corrosion Protection) was created in 2005 to better meet the needs of the corrosion protection markets in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. ICP inherited the technological expertise for which BEUGIN has been famous since it started out.

Our services

  • our Companies have a large autoclave in La Comté site

    We have many facilities in our workshops. Our autoclave can be found above in the commune of La Comté in northern France.

    Reliable corrosion protection solutions to protect your steel or concrete substrates, such as rubber/hard rubber lining on site or in our workshops, antacid brickwork, refractories, carbon, industrial flooring, resins, tiles, screed, laminates, composite materials etc.

  • Technical surveys and full completion of work by experts for new projects or maintenance;
  • Advice and technical expertise;
  • Recognised expertise stressing our technical know-how, reliability and responsiveness

Technical expertises and customer care

BEUGIN GARAY makes every effort to tailor the development of its techniques, products and processes according to market requirements, working closely with its customers in accordance with quality, safety-related and environmental work regulations.